Which DVD burner to buy?

I recently just got my ps2 modded and I’m looking into which dvd burner is ideal for burning ps2 games and dvd movies. I don’t really understand all the + and - r mumbo jumbo so could anyone sum this up and lead me in the right direction as to which dvd burners I should look for? thanks

I’m not up on the PS2 thing, but check in the copy protection forum or the drive forums, and search for PS2, and you should find what you need.

I use my PS2 as my standalone DVD player and I have very good success with my Pioneer DVR-108 using Ritak Ridata 8X DVD-Rs (purple ink) These work for both movies and for PS2 games. I’ve tried very cheap no-name DVD-Rs with bad results, so I always use the Ridata 8X DVD-Rs now.

I purchases a pioneer 109 from shop4tech.com and after changing my IDE cable to an 80 pin it has worked great. I also buy the DVD-R 8X 4.7GB Silver Inkjet Printable (No Stacking Ring Hub Printable) by Prodisc from shop4tech.com since they have the azo dye and they have worked great in all players I have tried and no bac burns. I like the free shipping from shop4tech.com

Thanks for the replies guys, I wasnt aware that the type of dvds to burn on mattered to much. What other brands of DVDs are good?

check this site


Also…see this post (at
http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=61943). Covers media, media types and problems with certain media.


Thanks for the link…great info in one spot.