Which DVD burner to buy?



I’m buying a new dvd burner.


Benq DW1620 Pro
Nec 3520A
Pioneer DVR 109

I want a good reader, quality burns, speed is not important.

Please help!


Plextor 716A!!!


No money for that drive!!


You can’t have it all. The NEC is the best burner but a crappy reader. The BenQ is the best reader but a lot of people have had them crap out. I haven’t seen much about the 109; maybe they never post here because it is perfect and they are too busy burning.

I am afraid you are going to have to do the work of reading the different hardware forums and making your own decision.


That’s right,i can’t.
Thanks chas.
I’m also interested in further modding of one of these drives, so if anybody has any info about that, please reply.


Between the drives you listed there is a significantly larger following for modded firmware with NEC, however, in my opinion, it is almost perfect right out of the box. If you look at my sig. you can see what I use for reading, scanning and writing.