Which DVD burner to buy?

Will be buying DVD burner this week. Have looked at the reviews.
Don’t see a way to compare each.
What do you all recommend as the best burner.
Must do DL.
Thank you for your help and suggestions.

just remember that DL is kinda new and may be a little buggy for a while(software has to support DL burning and some that do are buggy).Use DvdDecrypter for the burning part(iso anyhow).
Plextor 716 is a good drive but it’s about $50($100 to $130) more than most.It does have a 2 year warranty though.It produces good burns also.
NEC 3520 is new also but it’s upsides are that there are modified firmwares in these forums that improve the drive tremendously(from original factory specs).It has another plus in that it’s usually around $62 online.That’s cheap.

Thanks for the quick response. How to you feel about the LG4163?

I’ve read nothin but good things about that particular drive.It does the one thing different in that it does dvd-ram but it’s not a bad choice at all.

Check it out.

:bow: [QUOTE=denisr][/QUOTE]got my new lg4163 this week, and have no problem,just good thing to say.easy firware to update ,i pay 75.00 canadian