Which dvd burner should i get?



Well my old dvd burner from nec is finally starting to die. It won’t burn on certain dvd that it could burn before. Maybe the lens is dirty but no clue how to clean it.

So what is the best dvd burner now? It was Nec for a long time. I havn’t been here since 2007.


Another NEC/Optiarc drive is a good choice :bigsmile:

I suggest the 7240 :slight_smile:


Yay, so true.


Mine was a 7170A before. is 7240 the newest one? I do have sata ports I could use.


The 7240 is indeed a SATA drive :slight_smile:


I’d go for the 7240. :wink:


Must be the time of season for old NEC drives to die. I had an old 3500AG finally start to die on me. That was the best drive ever. I’m going to miss it.

I decided this time, however, to be contrary and went with a Lite-On drive after much research & I haven’t been disappointed yet. I nearly bought a 7241, though. The user reviews here are awesome, but Lite-On edged it out on features this time around.

I’m sure you’ll be happy with whatever you buy. It’s hard to buy a bad drive these days if you’re half-way paying attention to things.


I have an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7204S and would recommend it.

It is my first SATA optical drive and I was worried it would not work properly or be recognized properly but so far there is no problem.



I know a 7203 and 7240, but no 7204.


so everyone still recommands a type of nec drive? optiarc is also a nec drive if i remeber


If I remember correctly, it is NEC/Optiarc/Sony :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=geno888;2500568]Another NEC/Optiarc drive is a good choice :bigsmile:

I suggest the 7240 :)[/QUOTE]

I have a 7200 series, the old 7200 or 7201… I forget. I know those were NEC/Optiarc still…

But when I bought those over a year ago I re member people talking about the newer (was it 7220? or 7240s) drives being Lite-On Rebadges?

What’s the case now?


22x Optiarcs are LiteOn rebadges.
24x LiteOns (the iHASn24-[B]Y[/B] series is, but not iHASn24-[B]A[/B] which is Mediatek LiteOn) [I]may [/I]be Optiarc rebadges.


well i bought their newest one. my old nec 7170A cant burn good. maybe laser is dirty but very dont want to try to open up the laser and clean it.