Which DVD burner should I buy?

Hi! New to the forum. Anyway, I need some advice about buying a DVD burner.

I have a limited budget so I was considering 2 options available on Newegg.com.

They are the NEC ND-2500A and the Lite-On SOHW-812S. Both write DVD-R at 8X which is my main concern. However, I’ve heard conflicting reports about those 2. Some people tell me that NEC drives don’t last much and that this drive in particular has a lot of problems reading media in poor condition. Also it would appear that the Lite-On is a bit faster (writing both DVDs and CDs). On the other hand, the Lite-On seems to be a poor performer when writing on cheap media (which I’ll surely be buying).

The NEC drive is also U$3 cheaper and from what I’ve heard, flashing the firmware can make it dual-layer. But I dopn’t know how risky could that be.

Any opinions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Both drives can be rather safely flashed to DL drives.

I didn’t know that the Lite On could also be made DL. Thanks for the info.

However, which is best in your opinion?

Since you asked my opinion, LG GSA-4120B. But better drives are coming soon such as BenQ DW-1600A.

Between NEC ND-25xx and Lite-On SOHW-8xx, most of the discussions comparing the two rely on individual preferences over brand name and specific features rather than as a whole, so I’m not interested. Both offer good performance at reasonable cost. The differences are hard to feel. I’ll be honest enough to say further that if anyone’s got too much time to argue about which is better on trivial things narrow-mindedly, it’s better to buy both with money earned from working at McDonald’s instead of adding confusion on otherwise productive discussion boards.

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