Which DVD burner should I buy?

I’m looking to add a DVD burner to my PC would welcome suggestions on what to buy.

I’m looking to mainly burn -R and -RW disks, will be using DVDSHRINK, DVD XCOPY, NERO. I plan back up of some of my DVD collection, to burn collections of .MPG and .AVI files, and to burn VCDS, and SVCD.

I’m not really planning to watch DVDS on my computer so of more importance is a fast, reliable and multiformat burner / writer.

I read that the SONY burners have some issues and

Will be playing the newly burned disks on a Panasonic RP82 and SONY S7700 and a Pioneer 510H (HDD and DVD recorder)

I want something reliable and as fast as possible.

I read that the SONY burners have some issues and am thinking of getting the Plextor 708A. I also read some good things about the NEC. Can anyone endorse /highly recommend a DVD burner which would meet my criteria?


I really like my 2500 and everyone I know who has one also loves it. Only bad thing is it’s a so so reader. Herrie is doing more media and faster burn firmwares for it as I type, also bitsetting.
The Pioneer 107 uses the same chipset and also has great write quality but is slightly more expensive and no bitsetting so far although they are better about firmware updates and Nil has a hacked firmware for minus all at 8x.
The Nutek 082 seems to be a good burner also and gets regular updates. The Pioneer and the Nutek are faster burners with dvd media becuase they switch to faster zones way quicker then the NEC.

If you can hold off 4 weeks there may be some dual layer burners come out. Ones that will give excellant results on single layer and well have to see what dual layer writing quality brings, but I’n not convinced that all the DL burners will be expensive.