Which DVD-Burner shall I buy?



Hey Guy,

last time you recommended the LG 4167 to me but I hate the drive for the low reading speed. Now I want to put another DVD-Burner into my PC.

It should not be very loud and have very good burn quality. Is there THE drive available or which are the bests at the moment. The more quiet it is, the better it would be.

DVD-RAM Support is not needed because the LG can handle it. IDE or S-ATA doesn’t matter.

Thank you very much


Look at the review on the pioneer 112, best thing to do is go to the burner forums and read a few post as everybody will tell you that the one they have is best , so best to read up on them and then make up your own mind :bigsmile:


lite-on 160P6S is a very good burner, walmart still carries some…around $40…i hve 3 of them, theyve been a real workhorse for me…i’ve done just over 500 burns with my original one and its still going strong



If y’all are looking for the best/fastest reader/ripper ever - then look at the AOpen 1648/aap pro which is still available here:


Match it with the LiteOn 160P6s - and you will have a good/fast/reliable combo that would be hard to beat-eh!


The AOpen ist hardly to get here in Europe, especially Germany… :frowning:


A LiteOn would be a good choice then. Fast ripper and quality burner, I recommend the LH-20A1H or P.

Or you could always remove the riplock on your LG with MCSE. I did that with my 4163B.


My two best choice are:

  1. BenQ 1640, 1650 or 1655 (if you can find any of them these days)

  2. NEC 3540, 3550, 4550, 4551.


Anyone else?

How are the Samsung Drives?


My Sammy (SH-S182D) is a brilliant burner, and a great reader, even on so-so discs. It’s riplocked though, which is why I didn’t mention it :slight_smile:


Just get any of brand name burners $30 or less price of burner drive is worth that you have drag yourself into it for so long.