Which DVD burner of these 3?


  1. BenQ DW1625 Black Internal 16x w/Light Scribe Dual Layer DVD±RW drive

  2. Pioneer DVR-109 internal 16x16 DVD±RW drive

  3. NEC ND 3520A

Out of these 3 which is the BEST ?

They are all roughly the same price, cost is no issue.

I know the BenQ has bitsetting, but how does it do when burning DVD - R’s?

I have had experience with the Pioneer DVD R 108 and liked it, dont know the DVR 109.

I hear the NEC 3520A is great all around burner, but is it better than the all so famous 3500?

So if you know all 3 burners, please tell me which one is THE BEST, thanx.


Bad form to post in multiple forums. :frowning:


well i own the nec 3520,benq1620,& a plextor.the nec is a fantastic burner just have to watch overspeeding the burn!!the benq is a better qscanner and does burn good too!!the plextor is for 2nd checking the 2 now that the nec does error checking. my opinion would be to get eather the nec or the benq(dont know about the new model)& in the future get the benq. there both great so hows about which ever you can get quicker!!good luck& happy burning!!


Just got me an NEC3500 (thx CodeKing for the advice)

I must say I am loving it, it was extremely hard to get, but my scans are comming out amazing man. Although in my research, I have read the BenQ has pleased many people. My friend has a Plextor, unfortunately, I find many things bad about it, its picky and only work son his system as a Master drive, the burn qualty scans are descent, and he only gets -R with it.

I would say pick between BenQ and NEC, although I am personally more than pleased with my NEC as of now.


i had to return a bad 109 and got the 3520.
very happy with it, even more so now with new FW that allows error checking.
no reason now why the 3520 won’t join the 3500 in the hall of fame… :wink:


I would go for the BenQ DW1625, because it has LightScribe ortherwise I would go for the LG GSA-4165B. :iagree: