Which DVD burner is the best reader?

Which is the fastest? Which is the most accurate (best at reading discs that have minor scratches and such)? I currently have the Nec 3500. Not too happy with it since it is pretty slow at reading even with hacked firmware. Also it has trouble reading some of the discs I burned on an LG 4120 (I/O errors on playback).

BenQ DW16xx series is the best reader.

Can’t your LG 4120 read the disks? Fastest means less accurate and most accurate means a little slow. ND-3500A is a fast reader and that may be usually the very reason why it fails to read some scratched disks. LG DVD writers and BenQ DVD writers are also slow but read well.

To talk about the fastest, you have to specify what media you are reading. For reading pressed, dual-layer media, the fastest DVD burner is the Liteon -3S drives (1213, 1633, 1653). I own a 1213@1633, a Benq 1620, and a Nec 3500. My Nec 3500 is quite fast at reading pressed single-layer media, but on pressed dual-layer it is not nearly as fast as the Liteon.

I got rid of the LG 4120 after I bought the Nec 3500. Beginning to think that was a big mistake. I thought the NEC would be faster than the LG at reading pressed dual layer discs but it is slower even with hacked firmware. I guess what I need right now is a burner which is an accurate reader (hopefully will read the discs I burned on the LG). So which drive to get next? LG 4163? I was considering a Liteon but maybe is isn’t the best choice for reading the discs I burned on the LG 4120?