Which DVD burner is better?

Hi, this week at fry’s there is sale on DVD burner and I want to know which one is better,

Toshiba SD-R5272?


check out this review from cdrlabs, there is also a review for the 1108.

and here is OC-Freaks review of 1108

I know this wasn’t one of your choices, but I can’t resist. Liteon SOHW-832s, its a great dirve, good at reading, dual layer. Your Toshiba SD-R5272 doesn’t support dual layer and neither does the BTC. Some will disagree with me and say that and NEC dual layer drive is a better choice, but, as far as firmware tweaks go, you can pretty much do the same with both. My personal favorite is the liteon, although I was thinking of getting the NEC-2500A. It can be firmware hacked to dual layer model 2510A. But then again, you can get an 812s and convert to 832s with dual layer, which is what I did.

Out of the two drives you mention, the Toshiba seems the best choice.

But… if you can get a better drive for just a little more, I wouldn’t save that money. Like kwkard mentions: the LiteOn 832S and the NEC 2500a/2510a are better choices. They both come for very reasonable prices so I know what my choice’d be!

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Where is the “hacked” firmware?

can u pm me?

Visit the NEC forum and Lite-On forum right above. :slight_smile:

I have a NEC 2500A (1.07) and I’m really pleased. Never produced any coaster but I should mention that I never used the cheapest media. Normally I use Verbatim (MMC002), Intenso or MMore. As a reader it is not a good option because the smallest scratch could be a problem.

If I were in the market for a new recorder I would choose between NEC 2510, Plextor 712, Lite On 732 or Sony dru 700. Don’t buy Plextor if you want Dual Layer :slight_smile:

Neither the BTC, not the Toshiba is well respected in most places.

The Toshiba never gets a firmware update, and has problems with certain brands of media. The Toshiba reportedly at backing up games.

The BTC has firmware updates, but has poor write quality at 8x on everything. The BTC is a great reader, and good at audio.

It all depends what you wish to do with the drive. If the drives are substantially cheaper than other alternatives, and fit your needs, then ok. If they’re the same price as the better alternatives, than I wouldn’t choose either for most folks.

Best of luck in your purchase decision.

Both BTC and Toshiba are respected in most places. You probably wanted to say they are not respected in most places among you like.

Just concentrate on the performances alone rather than try to oversimply everything based on some web readings you have done.

I haven’t used any BTC writer because there are not major importers here in South Korea selling BTC drives but BTC is one of the largest optical writer manufacturers in the world. The drives may not be sufficiently good for those who browse CDFreaks and CDRLabs on a daily basis but that does not mean they are worst. Toshiba DVD writers are generally good. That they have problems with certain media isn’t a weakness to everyone and that they cannot backup some discs that were never meant to be copied by an end user isn’t Toshiba’s fault, but you can always decide otherwise personally. The latest CDRLabs review of Toshiba 8x DVD writer didn’t give the drive an average 9 or even 8.x score, but the drive itself actually performed reasonably well.

Personally, I’m not interested in any BTC or Toshiba writer though especially watching LG GSA-4120B prices continue to fall every week and the TY media for it to write at 4x and 12x.

My current drive is NEC2510a and with Herries hacked firmware it works like a dream.
I can do bitsetting, burn 4x rated media at 6x and 8x speeds and no costers to date. With Herries working on the next firmware update for it you can be sure that with this burner you`ll be at the forefront…