Which DVD Burner for up to 50 Euro/65 US Dollar

Hey guys,
I hope I picked picked up the right board.
Ok, I want to buy a new DVD burner but I have a limited budget of 50 Euro, which are about 65 US Dollar. I don’t need Lightscribe or equivalent technologies but I would like to have DVD-RAM support and low noise (at least at reading DVDs). What would you recommend?

About the cheapest you could get would be the Pioneer 111D. This doesn’t support DVD-RAM writing BUT can be cross flashed to the 111 which does. Generally this is a very good burner. Currently this is available from SVP , they ship to Europe I believe, for about £23 sterling, about 35 Euro.

I heard about the Pioneer 111 and I could get it for 45 Euro which would be fair. People recommended to me the LG GSA-4167B (36 Euro) but I have read that it is very loud. Does the new fireware (DL13) really gets it silent? Which is the better one? Any other recommendations? :slight_smile:

I think the DL13 firmware applies a riplock so that ripping speeds are considerably reduced. Other than that & the fact that some 4167B have power supply issues I don’t know much about it.
For non DVD-RAM there’s the Benq 1650 which is highly recommended.

The new BenQ 1670 will be out soon enough, it supports Ram and is a very good burner.

I saw a lot of GSA-4167B, and they all were very quiet :iagree:

DVR-111 would be a good idea.

I just bought two of them. lol

Well, I created a shortlist.
Which would you recommend when focusing on low noise (at least reading) and quality?

LiteOn SHW 165P6S
LG GSA-4167B
Pioneer 111
BenQ 1640
NEC ND-4550

I knock the NEC 4570 off the list. It’s firmware is just not good enough yet.

There is a local offer for the LiteOn SHW 165P6S of 39,99 Euro. What do you think about that drive? At cdfreaks.com it was not that good but other Boards recommend it like a ferrari for 10€… :confused: