Which dvd burner for backup of regular data?

I want to buy a new dvd-writer

top priority is reliable burning and good burning quality.

I need it for backup of regular data (documents) and only sometimes for music. Primarily target is backup of normal files. The backups should last for decades :slight_smile:

What dvd burner would be good for that and what media?

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Personally I like LG for quality burns. They like good media though, so I’d suggest Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. :slight_smile:

Can’t say they’ll last for decades as no one knows without a crystal ball - but the Verbatim or TY should last a good long time. HP media (made by CMC) is known to be stable too, especially the 8x DVD-R/+R.

Thank You Arachne! :slight_smile: It been a while!
I’ve been away from cdfreaks for 4-5 years :slight_smile:

Yes quality burns - that is what I want - and want to pay for :slight_smile:

So gold disks are not the prefered choice these days/any longer? (the Kodak gold days with CMC (or was it mitsui))


for regular backups of documents, you should consider DVD-RAM as it can be used like a huge 4 GB floppy disc :smiley:
In addition, DVD-RAM is said to have a very good lifespan - other than some write-once media.


For your need and for all practical purposes all brand of DVD drive are the same more or less. So buy any brand that suit the best and the cheapest one you can get since they will be obsolete soon.