Which dvd burner do I buy? :)



I’m fairly new at this stuff and I was wanting to get some comments on dvd writers. I’m looking to buy one and I want to be sure to get the one that is the best in regards to copy protection and compatibility with CloneCD. I really like this program and i’m getting a new dvd writer so I want to make sure and get one that will work the best in this regard. I want to make backups for both cd and dvd. What dvd writer reads and writes the best? The duel format sony writers look good but I don’t know how compatible they are. :confused: Sorry for my newblar questions just looking for some advice. Thanks for reading. :cool:


I’m looking at the Sony DRU-510A model very closely right now. I like that it has both formats but I want to make sure i can use CloneCD to make 1:1 backups to my pd cd games.


If there is a writer that someone thinks would serve my purposes as well that might be cheaper please tell me too. Speed is not a major concern to me compared to what I have mentioned. Thanks I’ll shut up now plz post thanks :smiley:


I have the Sony DRU500 and I like it very much. Its not very fast when it comes to standard CD’s but for DVD’s its fine for now. Some things to note: 1X for DVD’s is equal to 9X on CD’s so don’t get foold by he low DVD speed numbers! Good luck on your choice.

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Yes i’ve heard that is a good burner but I have also read that it doesn’t support emf encoding or whatever its called so it don’t work for backing up pd-cd games with CloneCD. Ok I want to have my cake and eat it too basically here. I want a writer that is dual format that supports all the things I need to read and write pc-cd game discs using CloneCD. Does this exist?


Well I might just wait a bit and see how this new Lite-on writer turns out. (LDW-401S) From what I’ve heard this one might be what I’m looking for… :stuck_out_tongue: