Which DVD burner can I trade for from....?

The Sony DWQ-30A burner which I got from this Ebay seller has some issues and I have heard similar problems from others who have this same exact burner, I would like to exhange it for another one from his store, can anyone take a look at this page and tell me please if there is one that will work for SURE?


The problem I am having with the DWQ-30A is that the burnt dvd’s are not showing good on “standalones” so if anyone has a burner or burners from the page above and have no problems playing back the burnt dvd’s on standalones, then can you tell me exactly which one[s] I should trade for please? Thanks.

He doesn’t seem to have much of a selection. I would go with the nec 3550.

ripit, have you personally used the NEC 3550 and burnt dvd’s that play perfectly on standalones?

Ive used the NEc 1300a Nec 3530 and Nec 3540 all are excellent burners for standalones (you can firmware them to allow bitsetting them also. I would go for the NEC.

Anthony, the only model number he has is the 3550 which according to the ad description is the newest model, I will call them to make sure that they both support this unit and to coonfirm that this model has the same features as those 3 you’ve used, if I could find someone who actually has the 3550 then this would put my mind at ease, appreciate the info, thanks, will report back here.

No, my nec is a 3500. Nec’s and benq’s (except the dq60) are the most prefered drives around here though and I have heard good things about them. Your only choices are a couple of sonys or the nec from what I saw. Fyi whatevery you get, defanatlly ask here for advice on media for a particular burner before you buy.

Just spoke to a tech at NEC and he said that the 3550 has all of the features of the 3530, 3540 and 3500 only they support more media types so now I feel more confident about getting the 3550, one more thing please, can each of you guys tell exactly which media types you’ve used with the models mentioned that plays perfectly on standalones?

Flash the drive to allow bitsetting. The use DVD+R MCC03 Verbatims. Perfect 100% compatability with every standalone drive under the sun and the best long lasting high quality disks ever created (i would personally argue even better that Tayo Yudens).

No need to touch anything else but these.

I can’t seem to find that particular model number [MC CO3] anywhere, any links to it? Also, any others?

There is noy way to guerentee that a disk will play on “all” stand alone players. Some older players will not play recorded media, period. You can have good changces that a disk will play on most though.
I’ll second the bitset mcc003. It is very good media and bitset +r defantlly has the best compatibility. Nec’s should love that media. If you are in the US, there is a very high chance that verbatim 8x+r is mcc003. Vermatim and mitsubishi chemical corp (what the mcc stands for) are the same company and this is their own meida. Problem is that they no longer make 8x media so they have started using other peoples 8x media under the verbatim brand like ritek whick is garbage. Your chances are very high (at least for now in the US) that verbatim 8x+r will be mcc003. Use dvd identifier on one of the disks to check the manufacture code and verify what they are. If you are worried about it, get it at a store that will allow opened media to be returned (most will these days though be carfull about fry’s and compusa). There has ben very litttle ritek spotted in the US (only one confirmed case that I am personally aware of it’s mostly in Europe). Another option is bitset verbatium 16x+r (mcc004). All verbatium 16x+r in the US has been reported to be mcc004 which is very good, but not quite as good as mcc003 acording to some (both are top quality though). Also, 16x medias have less support overall among drives though mcc004 is one of the oldest and has the best support or the 16x medias. Even my older 3500 running oldr firmware burns mcc004 just fine.

The problem here is that I will have to purchase the DVD’s “first” before being able to use the dvd identifier and especially since I have already wasted money on a 50-pack of the best Taiyo Yuden I could have found I really don’t wish to have to buy another set of dvd’s and get the wrong thing, again! If I could have a link to a specific name and brand of blanks that will work, this will be nice. I appreciate all of the info you have given me above, thanks!!

As Verbatim dont make MCC03 no more then the MCC04 are the ones to go for. Best you can get no competition or substitutes.


Just like i say use one of the firmwares for the drive that allow bitsetting and flash the drive with this. Set it as DVD+R to be burned as DVD-Roms and use these. Cant possibly go wrong.

Appreciate the link and yes, I will booktype the disks before burning. Will also look around for these same discs locally here in the US, thanks!

I have the 3550. It’s an excellent burner. And if you check the NEC forum, there are things you can do with it that makes it even better, but that’s another story.:bigsmile:

which blanks do you use that will show perfectly on standalones?

I use Taiyo and Verbatim mainly. My Philips 642 will play almost every disc I put in it so even cheap ones will work with it.

In the US, watch for bestbuy, office depot. office max and micro center to run 16x verbatiums on sale. If you live in an area where they have these stores, if you are patient, within a few weeks someone will have them on sale for 15$ per 50 or less. In fact, I think someone has them on sale this week. Check the bargain basment here and find the post “next weeks ads (02/19/06 US)”. Click the link and then click the media tab to see what is on sale this week. verbatium 16x +r in the US will be mcc004.

Why go with his selection at all? You can buy them brand new with a warranty and have the recipt in hand from http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827152058for about the same price or less. Honestly man, unless you are getting a killer deal (under $30 shipped) from a slightly older model, then there is absolutely no reason to buy a DVD Burner on ebay.

I figured they wouldn’t give him his money back and that is his only choice.
If you can get your money back, defanatlly just go to newegg where you can get a good burner for the same price and actually have a decent selection.

Like I said, this was gift so I don’t expect a refund but if I should decide to get another one, I will definitely check out one of those in the link [thanks] and the better part is I will NEVER purposely buy an OEM product!