Which DVD burner buy?

I just bought an ARTEC 8X/4X/12X but it didn’t work as i expected, so i sell it and i want to buy a new one. I was thinking to buy a Sony or a NEC.

I have choose between these four model:
SONY DRU-700 A (dual layer)
NEC ND-2500A
NEC ND-2510A (dual Layer)

Which one do you think is better. I’ll like to get a DVD burner that is compatible with most of the DVD media.


DRU-700A seems to be getting some good reviews. I burned the first movie ever readable in my stand-alone with a 700A last night. I burned it on really cheap media too. Worked without a hitch even burned at 4x. Don’t know about the others. I do know the 700A is on sale at Staples this week for $129 after rebate.

2510 runs laps around 700A. do a search on these forums and see for yourself.