Which DVD brand do you use most?

See topic…

  1. you do realize this is the anydvd forum, right?

2.) brands don’t matter. AT ALL. Manufacturer ID is what’s important when purchasing discs.

Yes, i kinda realized that when I posted both polls…I’m sorry about that…If they move it to another section of the forums, it wouldnt surprise me…

Yah, come on dude! We’re here to deal with life and death backup issues. :bigsmile: :cool: :cop:

But if you’re wanna poll something really important, I’ll start it off by saying Red is my favorite color and Campbell’s is my favorite soup.


The one that works for me…

Why did you put Ricoh & Ritek together? Ricoh +R media is very good.

I use atm Platinium 8x +

These are Ricoh. :slight_smile:

Still interested in how this relates to the program “AnyDVD”? Any suggestions…


another great MC post :flower:
Why dont you stick to polling hindi movies :rolleyes:
especially in light of your last debacle