Which DVD authoring proggy to use?

Which DVD authoring proggy to use

I tied TMPGEnc DVD Author, It was great for a three button solution but the menu part was not good enough.

Tried DVDMaestro. Excellent. Did everything I wanted - but for one thing…

I need to be able to import VOB files directly into the authoring program (so that all I need to do then is to organize a menu)
I tried demuxing VOBs to video and audio streams, so I could import them into DVDMaestro, but that put the audio well out of sync - about 3 seconds out! Either way it makes sense (for this particular job) not to have to separate out the various streams, only to then recombine them again.

So the big question is…
Are there any authoring programs around as good as DVDMaestro that will import complete sets of VOB files from different movies (or episodes in this case) so I can add a menu and then burn to DVD.
(or is there a better way of doing all this?)

Many thanks for any suggestions


Try DVDLab at www.mediachance.com - its the best program in its price range and I’m pretty sure it has all the features you need!

Many thanks R2K
Will try DVD-Lab