Which Duel Layer DVD Writer Should I Buy For This Purpose?

I know that this question has been asked a lot but I want to know which is the best duel layer DVD for my purpose. For the time being (until duel layer media gets cheaper) I will be only using single layer DVDs to write data (XviD) DVDs. Speed is not an issue. I want the writer to be duel layer capable so that when the duel layer media comes down in price I can use it to back-up movies. Thanks for any help:).

benq 1620 is the best bang for your buck. best blend of features and price. also has some of the best official firmware support. if you are willing to spend the $$$, and are willing to take a slight chance on future firmware updates, the plextor 716a may wind up being the end all dvd burner.

Thanks for your reply. Yeah I see BenQ getting a lot of good comments and reviews this site. I have heard that Pioneer makes good writers on other forums but for some reason they don’t get much attention in this forum. I think I am either going to get a BenQ, NEC or Pioneer:).

Lg Gsa-4163b!

It seems lately that the Lg 4163B is getting great reviews. But the Benq 1620 is also a worthy contender. Of course, Pioneer and Plextor are also worthy of consideration. However, I find that with Pioneer and Plextor you’re paying more for the name than the actual product. By the same token, Pioneer’s latest dvr-109 appears to be priced very reasonably. And Plextor’s 716A is becoming even more so reasonable by the day since it was first introduced. Let’s not forget about the Nec 3500AG. I love my Nec 3500AG. It’s not as flamboyant as the other contenders. Well, it’s darn ugly! However, it does the job well at a low cost like the Benq 1620. Practical but not flashy fits the Nec 3500AG.

Thanks for the replies and feedback. Argh, it is so hard to decide:confused:!

OK, I think I am going to get BenQ DW1620 Pro:).

duel? drives fight now? w00t

The only issue I have with it is that it cannot write DVD-R Dual Layer media:(.

Do they make DVD-R Dual Layer media? :confused:

At the moment they don’t but they will soon:).

You know I said the same thing about a drive and -Rs but since they came out with DVD-Rom setting I went to 100% compatibility. So I don’t say that anymore. So with - D/L media it would have to be cheaper for me to want one. So for now I think its a wait and see if they make and if its cheaper never mind for me by the time they figurer it all out I’ll be on to a newer drive. :slight_smile: Who nows if it wouldn’t be blue ray by that time.

But that JM2C. :slight_smile: Good luck with what ever you get.

Can you try and rephrase what you just said? I couldn’t really understand you:p.

I am new here and have been using dvd x copy to back up my dvd’s for about 3 months. That company went bankrupt so I can no longer get tech support. It has gon from takin me aprox. 30-45 min to read and write a dvd, now is taking aprox 3-4 hours. Can anyone help me?

You need to start a new thread, as your question is not related to this current thread.
I suggest you post in the “backup software” forum, and you should explain more about your problem.

Hell yeah… I hope not.