Which Dual Layer DVD+R to buy?


I would like to buy the best quality Dual Layer DVD+R.
Which brand would you advise?

I know that 2 years ago, Verbatim was the best available DL media, but nowadays, is it still true ?

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

your still on the mark, verbatim is the one i’d buy

Yup. Same here.

Verbatim is still the best!


I’ve had success with CMC D01 2.4x and RICOH JPND01 8x media on some burners, but Verbatim usually gives the best results on most burners.

I still dig Verbatim, for all my DVD needs. Single, dual, +R, -R, etc.

Can anyone point me to a place to purchase bulk Verbatim DVD -R DL disks. I’m looking for 50 - 100 of them.

Thanks for the support.

@BoomerangThree: Telling people where your’e located (country and perhaps state) will make it much easier for people to suggest relevant places to buy this media. :slight_smile:

Do you really mean DVD-R DL and not DVD+R DL media? Compatibility with DVD players is much better with DVD+R DL than with DVD-R DL.


I’m located in Georgia, but usually purchase media off the net. But, if there is a local place that sells the media, great.

I’ve been using DVD -R DL for quite some time. Actually had some difficulties with the DVD +R DL so I’ve been using Ritek DVD -R DL. They have been pretty good for the past couple years, but my last batch has been causing me some issues when I try to burn to them, so I’m looking to upgrade the media, thus the Verbatim DVD -R DL request.

Thanks for the response and any subsequent responses.

In that case…www.rima.com? Highly regarded around here, although I haven’t checked their prices. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, if you’re after B&M deals on DL discs, they pop up pretty frequently in our Bargain Basement Forum :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Unfortunately, Verbatim is still selling “bulk” in only 20 pack cake boxes.

I was purchasing the Verbatim DVD+R DL White Inkjets for $27-$42 (depending on the sale) at Supermediastore.com…but in the last month, the prices on Verbatim DVD+R DL Inkjets have shot up to $59.80! :confused: Meritline is around the same price.

Because of this extreme cost increase, I’m back to using DVDShrink/DVDDecryptor Title 1 burning with Taiyo Yuden White Inkjet DVD-Rs.

Can anyone explain the doubling cost of DVD+R DL White Inkjets???

Can anyone explain the doubling cost of DVD+R DL White Inkjets???


I wouldn’t buy DL media in packs/spindles with more than 10 pieces… they have quality problems.

Ritek DL? No surprise that you had problems with them.

Get Verbatim DVD±R DL.

It’s just odd that DL development is lagging so far behind single layer. And even though they don’t work so well, they’re still way too expensive.

no. :disagree:
Rip-off EMEA. :iagree:

But Meritline’s not EMEA, so that wouldn’t account for their price increase :wink:

It’s definitely NOT demand - supermediastore, meritline, newegg, etc have their shelves full of DVD+R DL because customers are buying the DVD-5s at 1/4th the cost.

I’m questioning why supermediastore has doubled the price on these? I’m wondering what’s up at supermediastore when newegg is selling these 20% cheaper and charging only $5 bucks and change for 3 day shipping…???

Verbatim D/L DVD+R (with the booktype set to DVD-ROM) are still my recommendation. Best Buy has sales on these periodically, although if you want to avoid all of the after christmas hassle then I strongly suggest going with newegg. Yeah there is a rebate involved but they are pretty reliable and relatively quick.