Which Dual Layer Burner to Buy?

Ok…which burner to buy and why?


What’s the price difference? I don’t see much of a reason to get the old 832S except for pricing. The issues with the 1633S are at high speeds (like 16x). At 8x (the fastest that the 832S can go), the 1633S is a very fine drive.

This morning at Newegg the 832s was $70 and the 1633s was $82. Are the issues at high speed with the 1633s likely to be fixed with a firmware upgrade…or is it a hardware/media issue that won’t go away?


Some drives are better suited to high speed burning than others. You should also check out the NEC, Benq and Pioneer forums.

I have an 832s and a 1213s@1633 with the BSOG firmware (and OP patched). I have been getting better burns with the 1213s@1633 than with my 832s. I am using the RicohJPNR01 discs. Avg PI of 9 or 10 and Avg. PIF of 2 - 3.

Love my 1213s@1633s. I got mine 1213s from newegg for $67 bucks.