Which drives?



I own a Dell E510 3.2, 2GB RAM. I wanted to have read/write drives other than the ones installed in the Dell, so I could make sure I have the current firmware(Dell doesn’t keep up) There was a Hitachi DVD-ROM drive, which I just replaced with a Samsung SH-S182M. The Dell also had a Philips DVD8801(says BenQ under mfr.) Burner, which I have kept for now. The Philips is very noisy, but it scans disks in Nero. The Sammy does not scan at all, which I hate. I want great quality recordings that last! I use TYG02 and Verbatim MCC media. The Sammy seems to burn great. I would like a pretty quiet burner that reads and scans VERY well to go with the Sammy, what would you guys reccomend? Thanks for your replys.