Which drives to use?

Here’s the deal, I just crossflashed my Philips drive to a BenQ 1650. I have a Samsung SH-S182M and a Hitachi DVD reader only. I was thinking of using the BenQ 1650 as a reader and a scanner and burning to the Sammie and tossing the Hitachi reader. What do you guys think of that or what might be better? Thanks.

Keep or give the Hitachi to someone who might need it. I wouldn’t just toss it in the trash.

Use your BenQ and Sammy how ever you want to. Both burn good.

If your Hitachi reader is a picky drive, it can be still used to test your burned media.

In fact, it will be a good option to run the TRT (Transfer Rate Test). If the TRT is good with a picky drive, the disc was well burned.

The scan only it is not sufficient to have an idea on the burning quality. It happened on many occasions that a disc with a perfect scan was not readable.

Besides, the TRT is the natural complement of the scan so both tests should be done when checking a burned disc.

So you think the BenQ is a good reader for the Sammie to burn from? Or are most drives all the same as far as just reading a DVD? Is there some software I should have for the 1650, for say spin ups and downs and whatever else? So I’ll read from the BenQ to the Sammie, then scan with the BenQ.

Completely agree - the BenQ and the Sammy are both great burners, so you could use either one for that, and the BenQ to scan with.

You could also just keep the Hitachi lying around as a spare if you can’t find a home for it. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure to understand :doh:

You can use both the BenQ and the Samsung to burn discs, and then the BenQ to scan your burned media. The Samsung drive have a chipset that supports scans (the same of liteon drives), but it could be not totally reliable, so it is better to use the BenQ for your scans.

You can also use the Hitachi to run the TRT test, but the BenQ and the Samsung are good too, so you can use what you like more as reader.

I only have two slots in my computer, that’s why I was not going to use the Hitachi at all. I would use the BenQ as the reader AND scanner and use the Sammie just to burn to.

I thought you meant toss it was in the trash sorry. I have drives i’ve given away to friends without. Some are still in use.

oops, sorry, now I understand :slight_smile:

Then you can use both the BenQ and the Samsung to burn, the BenQ for scans, and both the BenQ and the Samsung as readers :slight_smile:

The Samsung is riplocked, i.e. it’s slower in reading DVDs, so the BenQ is a faster choice, but the Samsung can be used anyway as reader.

I’ll keep the Hitachi as a spare or give it away. I have another computer, but it’s the “family one” I only really burn with the one computer I use, thats why I wanted two good drives in it.

Another possibility is to get an external enclosure and connect the Hitachi via USB2 to your computer, so you can still use the drive as ripper :wink:

That’s what i did with my NEC 3500. I use it to read/burn with for my laptop or my desktop.

do you think that would be better than using the BenQ as the ripper?

Just to mention, the Sammy may be riplocked, but it’s great for reading dodgy discs. :wink:

Not to confuse you more but you can use MCSE (MediaCodeSpeedEdit) and check the box for read speed and reflash it with the firmware you use.

Any drive can be used to rip. If you are in a hurry, the BenQ should be faster, but some discs can be difficult to read, so you can use the other drives to rip :slight_smile:

Here is the difference between drives scanning, both scanned at 4x. Not sure what speed scanning I should use with the 1650? What a difference in scans.

  1. Sansung SH-S182M (it’s the one marked DVD_VIDEO) http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=213375
  2. BenQ 1650
  3. BenQ 1650 TRT scan

I tend to use 8x with my BenQ drives. :slight_smile:

I posted this there also:

“I find my S183L scans at 8X to be more accurate than my 4X scans. Even with Kprobe and S183L.”

I scan at 8X with my BenQ’s Edit: Dang Cat beat me to it :bigsmile:

Depends on what you are looking for. :stuck_out_tongue:
As a first evaluation test 8x scan speed is okay.

But if you want results with greater accuracy use 4x scanning (and set to 1ECC with “Advanced” button). This will give you ~140k samples taken compared to 17.5k when on 8x.