Which Drives shold I keep

I just bought a BenQ DW1620 DVD burner. As my IDE cables are full at the moment I need to ger rid of one of my other optical drives. Either a DVD drive or a CD-burner.

I’m wondering what people would suggest I keep. The DVD burner and a CD burner, or a DVD burner and a DVD Drive.

DVD drive: Pioneer DVD-ROm DVD-116
CD-RW: LG GCE-8320B (32x10x40x)


Dump the CD-RW: LG GCE-8320B (32x10x40x)

depends, if your cd-rw gives you better cd burns then keep it in if not dump it

Dump the CD-RW.

Keep them all, get a controller card to put your hdd(s) on :slight_smile:

I would except that when installing the BenQ, I some how blew my motherboard and/or processor :frowning: . Don’t ask me. I did all the right things. Unplug the PSU before opening the case, Grounding myself before reaching in. It just wouldn’t start afterwards. I checked the PSU on another computer (and that PSU on mine). I narrowed it dow the the MB and/or CPU

So I got an un-anticipated MB/CPU/PSU/RAM upgrade (I had a PIII). So I’m a little taped out at the moment.

That’s what I did at the moment, I just wanted to see other people’s opinions.

That’s strange, are you sure you got the atx power connector hooked up right? Did you see any sparks or anything, I don’t see why this wold happen :confused:

Quite sure, I’ve put the computer together, both of them actualy. There was nothing when I tried to power it up, no sysbeeps, no HD activity, no fans, nothing. It’s as dead a door knob.

I had been thinking about upgrading I just hadn’t planed on it this soon.

I still think its a power issue, maybe the added drive pushed your PSU over the edge and you don’t have quite enough power. What’s the rating on your PSU?

Build a second 'puter!!!

Give one to me, doesn’t matter which one!!

I can always use another one!! :wink: :iagree:

Not a power problem as I disconnected all the drives. Trying to see if I could even boot into BIOS. Nothing worked.

It was a 250W PSU. I had 2 HD, 2 DVD drives. modem,NIC,soundcard,gforce 2 TI videocard, and a TV-Tuner. I kight have been overloading it but It worked when I had a CD-RW instedad of the Benq burner.


IMHO - I would keep the DVD rom and use it to rip and read and use the burner just to burn with-


Clear the CMOS. If you have a failsafe jumper on the MB, use it. Then try booting with the bare essentials: PSU, MB, 1 stick RAM, vid card, front panel connectors.

One of my boards did that and it was the board. Another did something simillar and it had lost the 5 volt rail due to a cracked/failed solder joint. I reflowed the bad areas and the PSU still functions perfectly today. Try a diferent PSU before you buy that board just in case it just OD’d on you.
You have nothing now so it’s almost certainly PS related, maybe even the little on/off connecter on your board has gotten nocked loose.

Definetlly dump the CD-RW!
LG sucks!