Which drives handle errors well?



In my own experience, the champions in error correction are;

  • TSST SE208
  • TSST LB23
  • HL BU20
  • SE-224FB (I do not own it. Tested at school).
  • SE-506 (untested, but should cover SE208).

Silver cup:

  • eTAU108 handles damaged CDs very well, but not DVD.
  • S182: handles audio CD good, but not CD-RW.
  • BE14NU40 (but horrible for damaged CDDA BE14NU40: Horrible at dealing with damaged CDDA?).
  • SU208CB: not so good for CDs, but supreme DVD error management.
  • DVR-R07 handles damaged DVDs well, unlike CDs.
  • Elta 6740 DVD boombox (good overall error correction performance, but handles damaged CDDA’s and VCD’s even better than any desktop drive I tested).
  • Aiwa XP-EV500.
  • Philips AZ382 (horrible at CDDA but excellent at MP3/WMA).
  • Technics SL-PJ26A, JVC RC-EX30 (above average CDDA damage handling).

Could somebody battle a new Pioneer BD burner against them? And BE16NU50 and the 56Ă— AOpen.
56Ă— is crazily fast.

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Are you sure about the HL BU20 drive?

LG manufactured dvd-r/bluray-r drives with Mediatek (and maybe also the older Renases) chipset have a “jamless play”/“fatal reading behavior” feature, which basically bulldozes though bad//unreadable sectors by returning back sectors will all zeros or junk data. This “bulldozing” doesn’t even return back a read error.

Very frustrating if one is not aware of it.


Wow, that’s pretty dumb.
Why not just return a 03/11/05!

If error correction is enabled, I would like to receive either 100% data integrity or no data at all! I already hate, how CDDA/VCD/SVCD has no guaranteed data integrity, as known from data CD-ROM.
But the BU20 actually returned 100% data integrity. Exact match of SE208.


So far I have only really encountered this “fatal reading behavior” when my LG drives are copying *.VOB files from dvd discs which are either defective and/or badly damaged. On the older dvddecrypter ripper program, this “bulldozing” over bad/unreadable sectors is detected when an error message indicating the mpeg2 header is missing from the first four bytes of a sector (ie. 0x000001ab).

On the other side of the coin, this “fatal reading behavior” is good for spotting new errors or disc rotting on discs which I have previously checked on my other drives (such as LiteOn which doesn’t have this “fatal reading behavior”).

(More generally).

There are some reports of LG manufctured bluray-r drives having this “fatal reading behavior” when reading badly damaged bluray discs. Though I have not encountered it yet myself.

I tried ripping the isos from various damaged cd-rom data discs I have (mostly from old pc games). It didn’t trigger this “fatal reading behavior”.

I have no idea what criteria these LG drives use to trigger this “fatal reading behavior” bulldozing, other than it affects *.VOB files from heavily damaged/defective dvds and possibly *.m2ts files from heavily damaged blurays.


With all that being said, I primarily use LG dvdr drives for most of my dvd ripping when I want to watch the disc’s movie (or tv show) on the computer. It gives a good idea which dvd movie/tv discs are going bad with age, and which ones are not.

Though when I check my newly purchased dvd discs for any manufacturing defects, I primarily use LiteOn dvdr drives (or their asus rebadges).