Which drives does mtkflash work with?

Is it only for liteons?

My question is: could we compile a list of drives mtkflash works with and make it sticky? And will pflash work with drives mtkflash won’t? And what drives work with what other utilities?

pflash works on some older drives with Sanyo chipsets. mtkflash works with drives with MT chipsets. I spose a list could be compiled but what would the point be? It’s not really hard to try it…

the point would be to have a quick reference list to save time.

I spose, I’ll make a sticky thread.

Here you go: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?threadid=58518

I have a Samsung SW-208F. The chipset isat my chipset is OAK (OTI9790).
Is there any flash program like mtkflash to this chipset?