Which drives can scan for errors?

I’ve been trying to search around for this, but nothing useful seems to turn up. I know that these C1C2/PIPO measuring tools are designed for specific brands and that it depends on the drive which one (if any) will work.

Question is: which drives have such software for them at all? I know about LiteOn and Plextor. Any other?

BenQ would be the other major one. The 1620 model seems to offer most of the bells and whistles, see CDFreaks review.

Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.xx features the Disc Quality test which measures C1/C2 errors on CDs and PI/PO errors on DVDs. Supported drives. :wink:

Ooh, useful stuff. Thanks!

I’ve read up some more on this I can’t seem to find a drive that somebody didn’t write “if you use this for scanning, you will die in 7 days” about. So, in your opinion, what would be a reasonable source to see which drive can scan well? If you have any advice of your own, that’s appreciated too, but keep in mind that I don’t need the very best, just something that can help me find the best discs for personal use.

And whatever you do, please don’t point me to one of the more specialized forums unless there is a very clear and simple thread. People in those depths seem to use lingo even for expressing lingo. :wink: