Which drives can back up the new Secure Rom?

I was able to back up WCIII from an image using my old plextor and it plays without any problems on any drive. Is this the same protection on UT 2003?

Is there anyway to make a perfect backup of UT 2003 with a Plextor and a LIte-on and without using Blind Write?

thanks for your help

No, UT2003 uses a later version of securom than that used on WCIII and a perfect back-up isn’t possible.

Working back-ups can, however, often be made with either blindwrite or with either clonecd or alcohol used in conjunction with blindwrite’s bwa builder and blackcheck’s twinpeak tool.

Also, if those methods don’t work, copies that work with a form of emulation can be made with blindwrite’s autoplay feature or alcohol’s RMPS function.