Which drives are suitable for test with DVD-Speed?


I was just doing some DVD quality testing with my Liteon 166s and my Toshiba 1912 DVD-ROM drives, but the results with Nero DVD speed look horrible, although I think my media is okay. I have also noticed some differences in the results of both drives. So my question is simple: which drive(s) deliver realistic results with “DVD Speed”, and which don’t? Are read-only drives suitable at all, or do I need a writer from Liteon or Benq?



Here is a list of supported drives. I have generally found ROM drives to be very unreliable for quality testing. Also, I have found that NEC drives don’t give repeatable results either.



BenQ and Lite-On DVD-Writers.

That’s about it. NEC do also work, but I’m sometimes getting strange results.

Hmm they list NEC ND-3500 as supporting PI/PIF? Any idea how to actually get it working?

The 3500 requires a firmware update which has never been released by Nec. Owners of 3500 drives have been waiting for the release of this firmware for what probably feels to them like 99 years, but is in reality several months.