Which drives are able to do a BluRay Quality Scan?

Hello all,

I’ve been out of the loop for AGES! The last time I posted here was when the DW1640 was king … anyway, I’ve managed to get myself a GGW-H20L a year ago and now I’ve burnt about 50 Bluray Discs and I’m starting to worry.

If you go here (warning, everything is in Japanese, but you should be able to work it out - click on the pictures of the discs to load the test pages where they show scans and results from different burners, scored to their own scoring which is out of 300 points each) - it seems some guys have done some media quality testing on Bluray discs using a Liteon Drive and the quality of the tested burns on the GGW-H20N (similar drive) seems terrible for the most part. That worries me.

It also appears that CDRInfo has done some home testing as well - see here, in which they mention it’s relatively unscientific … but a test is better than no test. I can remember doing heaps of DVD scans myself just to be sure things are going good.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem my GGW-H20L is going to scan with CDSpeed - and the only drive that I can see mentioned in those posts is some Liteon DH4O1S, which I don’t think I can get … so does anybody know which models are compatible with scanning? And what about the thresholds? Are there many people here that scan their burns? Has anyone seen how repeatable the scans are? What about between drives? [EDIT: I just got the OptiDriveControl manual and it seems that it mentions the DH4O1S, iHES106, iHES208 as being compatible with scanning …]

And on another note - whatever happened to Nero CDSpeed? … it seems to have become Opti Drive Contol while I wasn’t looking - and it’s become payware as well!

Welcome back lui_gough.

Seems like you’ve answered most of your own questions here. We have a small section in the Blank Media forum for testing blu ray blank media, but very few of us have the necessary Lite-on drives for doing quality tests. MegaDETH included one in his forum guidelines thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f172/forum-guidelines-must-read-before-posting-272804/ And it does look pretty bad. Most of the rest of the threads rely on TRT’s and disk scans and those are uniformly good.

Nero CD/DVD Speed has been discontinued. Looks like Nero is going to offer Nero Disk Speed 5, but only with their burning software suite. If you need the last version of Nero CD/DVD Speed, it can still be downloaded from Afterdawn: http://www.afterdawn.com/software/cdr_software/cdr_tools/nero_cd_speed.cfm

Ah whoops! Now I know I’m in the wrong part of the forum :o!

Hmm, it really does go back to the old debate of whether DVD PIF/POF scans are actually meaningful - I still remember scanning with the JLMS 166S and having terrible scans which “mean nothing” because of the speed not being controlled, and even after installing CD Bremse, getting different results to my other drives. However, scanning did give me confidence about how well the disc works in my own drive which is a good thing.

I’ve actually done quite a few scandiscs with the older version of CDSpeed - and for the most part - even my LG returns some yellow blocks (2 or 3 on the best discs), and dependent on how many times I scan, sometimes none. The only time I’ve gotten red blocks was from a disc that was burnt WITH dust and fingerprints on it by accident. But in all cases, the TRT is perfect! I’m still worried, even though I’ve proven the Scandisc results correlate with actual damage … the TRT seemingly doesn’t get affected until more serious damage is done.

I’m thinking of getting a LiteOn drive myself … the only one within reach here is the iHAS206 (not 208) … but seeing it can be crossflashed to 208 in a thread around here somewhere … I guess it is suitable for the tests? That way I can at least try to see whether my results are similar. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll run into repeatability issues like CDRInfo did with their professional bluray tests when they discovered dust affected the results. Unfortunately, it seems in AU that LG, and Pioneer drives outnumber Liteons by miles! I have to go looking hard to find someone that sells them … and they’re not at a good price. Back in the DVD and late CD days, Liteon drives were commodity items - you could get them everywhere. What happened?

I also notice that my LG overspeeds certain discs (TDKBLDRBB000) to 6x which is wonderful, but some days after IMGBurn sends the Reserve Track command, it spends a little while and decides to burn at 2x! It seemingly depends on the drive’s mood (calibration with the disc maybe) and burns at 4x are very rare even though it is a 4x disc - maybe the strategy for 4x which is CLV is too demanding - i.e. drive doesn’t reckon it can do 4x on the inner rim, whereas the 6x strategy starts off at 2.6x on the inner rim. Almost all discs have variances in the burn “darkness” as visually observed, almost looks like a DVD which came out of a Z-CLV burner … and that usually tells me it’s not such a good burn at least for DVDs because that usually correlates with potential error spikes and jitter/beta jumps which sometimes cause readers to error out (it seems like my yellow blocks are near these places too).

Another interesting thing is the BD-RE that came with the drive, the LG one, has become screwed … had errors verifying after my last rewrite, popped it in for an erase, then it had errors identifying sectors during the burn causing a failure. I checked the bottom of the disc and there’s a concentric RING where it seems like the PUH lens was skipping over the disc because it might have lost focus and damaged the scratchproof coating. I should have taken a picture of that one, but I tossed it out. Nonetheless this drive still reads and burns mostly fine … so I guess the lens mustn’t have been damaged badly.

At the moment, I’ve tried Ritek 2x BD-R SL and BD-RE SL, TDK 4x BD-R SL (two different types, both 6x overspeed!), LG 2x BD-RE SL, Verbatim 2x BD-RE SL, Sony 2x BD-R DL (rebranded Panasonic), Shintaro 4x BD-R SL (CMC Magnetics stuff, 6x overspeed!) and always keeping my eyes out for more bargains, and types to test, unfortunately TRT and Scandisc provide only limited information. Would probably like to see the impact of firmware - a year ago I was on YL03 and burnt my first 20 discs, then upgraded to YL05 and burnt another 20 something discs. It’s a good sign to see those first discs are still readable … but I really wonder how long they will last. I really do hope it will last longer than some of my crappy DVD’s!

Yes I’m rambling on, but I’ve watched my bluray (and money) burn away … I hope to see that my money wasn’t wasted. In the meantime … lets get some bluray action happening :wink: