Which drive?

Hi ppl, i’ve been a long time reader, first time poster in this forum.
I got an LG-4120B drive, which has served me well so far. My only problem with it, is that it refuses to burn any 16x certified media at 16x. Best speed i can get out of it is 8x, but at least i don’t get any coasters.
So i’ve been thinking, is there any drive out there that will burn “ANY” 16x certified media at 16x ? Or at least give me the option to do it, cause some times (when i got 200+ gig of stored stuff to burn, the speed does matter).

My current options r these

  1. NEC DVD±RW burner, ND-3550A, 16x, Dual, Black OEM
  2. BenQ DVD±RW burner, DQ60, 16x, Dual, DVDRam writing, Black, OEM
  3. Samsung DVD-recorder SH-W163A SATA Black OEM
  4. BenQ DVD±RW burner, DW1655, 16x, Dual, LightScribe, Black, OEM
  5. Plextor DVD±RW burner, PX-750A, 16x, Dual, RAM, Black Oem

So which is the most widely compatible drive out of these ? Or is there some other drive out there that will suit my case ?
PS: I already have the latest firmware installed on my current drive and i use quality media, usually Verbatim 16x DVD-R 4,7GB (Advanced AZO).

Thanx in advance.

My personal preference would be the BenQ 1655 out of those, but they all seem like good choices (apart from the DQ60, which I haven’t read much good about on here. I’m sure someone will prove me wrong, though :bigsmile: ).

Out of those the Benq 1655 (if you want/need the LS feature) otherwise the 1650.

Another one to consider is the Pioneer 111D. Generally well thought of I believe.

Ok so far we got 2 votes for the Benq 1655 :slight_smile:
How does it fair on the 16x media compatibility issue ?

Have a look at the Benq 1655 scans thread here .

I’ve been extremely pleased with my 3550, but I only use verbatim 16x DVD+R. Have burned over 100 discs without one coaster at 16x with good quality 5.19 to 6.13 minutes to a burn with CLoneDVD2, Nero, 1ClickDVDCopyPro, etc. Have Liggy and Dee’s bitsetting firmware with DVD+r set to booktype DVDROM

Thanx for the input Southern Comfort, but that’s something i’d like to avoid, if possible (firmware changes that is) i just want a drive that will work out of the box and burn most if not all 16x quality media at 16x.

I just had a look at the LightScribe thingy, seems to be exactly what i wanted ! With my crappy hand writting :stuck_out_tongue: this should do the trick very nicely indeed.

Keep in mind, that the LightScribe media is expensive and takes 20 minutes to make a label for a DVD. My Nec 3550A works just great two.