Which Drive To Use

Out of all the drives i have(check sig) which is the best to use when creating a backup of a audio cd ?? or does’nt it matter when just making a image and burning ?? same question goes for which is the best to use for DAE.

Excluding the Aopen if possible.

Most drives are acceptable for reading Audio CD accurately, the differences only become noticeable when you have damaged discs or speed is very important.

EAC with AccurateRip plugin & key disc can verify if your drive is correctly configured. The Aopen is a nice DAE drive BTW :wink:


I see, ok so which from what i have is good when it comes to damaged discs ??

Does the speed at which ripping the tracks matter ?? slower being better for DAE ??

The reason i said exclude the Aopen is because thats in my pvr and that does’nt have the ripping software on it.

Either of your Liteys should be good for damaged discs. I use my Liteys for audio ripping and movie ripping and they’ve never failed me, whereas my NEC for example, although fast, doesn’t seem too good in the way of error correction.

The 1635S at least is no better than any other drive I have for degraded CD-R. No idea about scratches as my pressed discs are pristine :stuck_out_tongue:

Damaged discs, check cdrinfo.com reviews if possible as they test with ABEX test discs for general pressed CD error recovery quality & also good DAE tests.

Speed is not important so much, accuracy of DAE is primary factor.

Wow, mine (in another machine) is really good for dodgy DVD and CD media. But then, I’ve only put a few degraded discs through it, all my other discs are fine. :slight_smile:

try dbPoweramp it’s a fantastic tool. Check out there forums too. dbPoweramp is worth the couple of dollars to register. It’s fast and secure.