Which drive to sell? (1213s,851s)



I have 3 dvd burners. I got an offer for one of them for $100. The person needs a dvd burner asap. The three i own are 1213s(@1633),851s(@832),ND-3520A. I am keeping the nec because its just to good to let go. So my choices to sell are the 1213s@1633s and the 851s@832s. Now normally i am all for quality, but lately my 851s has been writing incomplete dvds (fails during verification) when flashed to an 832, but works fine as 851s. It did this when i first got the drive and then stopped. I have no idea whats wrong. Then theres the 1213s. It writes just fine, in fact i have never had a problem with it in terms of making dvds. However the dvds it makes will only work in 1 of my dvd players and only if i use - media.

So basically my question is, is there any chance that the 1213s will get to 832s’s writing quality?

Which drive should i sell?


Sell both of them and get a BENQ 1620 !!!