Which Drive to keep? (Pioneer108 or LG4167B)

Hi I’ve got both of these drives, the Pioneer is about a year old and I just bought the LG last week.

Now I’ve decided that I only want to have one optical drive in my system (space limitations) so I’m going to give one of these drives to my brother and keep the other, but which one?

Here are the pro’s and con’s as I see it so far.

Pioneer 108 (+ive’s) :

  • Very solidly built burner, I’m yet to see one wear out.
  • RPC I firmware available.
  • Limited PI/PIF scanning abilities (relative +ive as the LG has none.)

Pioneer 108 (-ive’s) :

  • Mediocre CD burning capabilities, can’t burn 90min CD-R’s.
  • A bit asymmetrical with respect to DVD-R versus DVD+R burn quality.
  • Very poor booktype bitsetting support. Very limited flexibilty as it can only be “hard set” with alternate firmware.
  • Probably no new firmware after 1.18 for anyone such as myself who needs to stick with the alternate PIOdata f/w for booktype reasons.

LG4167B (+ives)

  • It’s a much newer burner
  • Should have better official f/w support
  • Relatively flexible booktype setting, independant setting of +R and +RW media.
  • CD burning seems better, it gives no problems with 90min CD-R’s.
  • Support for DVD-RAM (which I don’t currently use but is a future option).

LG4167B (-ives)

  • No PI/PIF scanning abilites at all, not even rudimentary.
  • No RPC I firmware (as yet).
  • I’m unsure about durabilty if this drive compared to the Pioneer 108.

Can anyone help me decide which drive to keep , thanks :cool:

I would go for the LG 4167B

Just have to point out two things :

That isn’t correct. The 4167B only supports booktype setting for DVD+R and DVD+DL discs. It cannot booktype DVD+RW media.

RPC1 firmware has been available for a long time, since firmware DL11. Have a look here :


Ironically that suits me ok, I want to booktype +R to -Rom and leave to the +RW booktype as is, that’s just how my current (quirky) home player likes it. Thanks for the clarification though, it’s less flexible than I thought and that might be a problem at some time in the future.

RPC1 firmware has been available for a long time, since firmware DL11. Have a look here :

Thanks for the link. I did see that before but it was in the “slightly dangerous beta section” so I decided not to use it yet. Still it should only be a matter of time until that situation changes.