Which drive to get

My BH16ns40 service code NS40 has started having problems reading and writing both dvd and BR discs.

I have a choice of a LG wh14ns40, Asus BW-16D1HT, or a LG WH16NS60 for a small amount more then the others.

I was wondering which one would be the better of the bunch to get. I’m also in Canada.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

The Asus is also a LG-drive, very similar to the BH16NS55 (maybe other name in North America). Personally I would go for the WH16NS60, it´s the newest drive and a real UHD-drive.
But there are not many experiences with this drive, except this


Pioneer isn´t available in Canada?

Locally I have the choice of various LG, Asus, and can order a Buffalo BRXL-PT6U2VB slimline usb 2 drive.

The ones I mentioned can be had at some of the local stores instead of ordering them online.

OK, if you use it often you should go for a half height instead of a Slimdrive.

The WH16NS60 isn´t available in Germany, buy it from an international shop means a huge price, so I don´t bought it.

I don´t see much differences in my rig of LG-drives of the 16x-generations, except the worse writing-strategy of MBIR06-media. So I would say buy the 16NS60 if it is not to expensive if compared with the other drives

Thanks. I’d rather buy locally in case of problems. As for the amount, the 16NS60 is only 20 dollars Cdn more than the Asus model. BTW I do quite a bit of burning, and I now have a large amount of data to backup on disk waiting in the wings (running out of hd space).

OK, here the 16NS60 costs more than 2,5x of the BH16NS55 and more than 2x of the Asus, and all from international shops which could be a bigger and expensive costs if I have problems with the drives