Which drive to choose: Samsung SH-S182D or NEC ND7170A

Hi all,

I’m looking for a new DVD burner, because my ‘old’ Asus DRW-1608P (with Pioneer 109 firmware 1.58) can’t always burn 16x DVD media at 16x. The current spindle I have can only be burnt at 4x.

I have 2 options:
Samsung SH-S182D

I have read a lot about these drives on the forum and on the internet, and begin to think the NEC is the better one, but only if you are lucky enough to get one of high quality (some are of poor?).

But I can’t find a review about de NEC.

Can anyone help me with this choice?


Hi RvL, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

There’s a CDFreaks preview (short review) of the Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7173A which is identical to the 7170, except that the 7173 supports Labelflash:

Optiarc AD-7173A DVD-Writer Preview

There’s also a CDFreaks preview of the Sony AW-G170A which is identical to the NEC 7170, except it has a Sony label and the firmware is slightly different (perhaps only in the name?)

Sony AW-G170A DVD Burner Preview

I guess you have already found the CDFreaks review of the Samsung?

Samsung SH-S182D DVD-Writer Review

Thanks DrageMester,

I just found out (about 10 minutes before I read your post) that the NEC is identical to both the 7173 and the G170A.

But thank you for the confirmation! I think I go for the NEC (better reading and writing performance as far as I see).