Which drive to buy?



Hi,I’m reallly confuse about which drive to buy…

I was consedering the new pionner , nec and Lg. :rolleyes:

What I need it isn’t really the speed but the quality of the burn, I don’t need to burn my dvd at 16x but I would like to burn them at minimun 4x,8x for a great quality or even 12x.

I just care for the dvd-r & dvd+r format and double layer + & -.

The main utilities of this drive will be to backup my xbox games and anime…

So which drive should I buy for a nice price ? :slight_smile:


do you have any idea how many posts there are already asking the same question? have you tried reading some of those and/or the rest of the forum?

what are you confused about? have you lined all 3 choices up to see how the specs stack up against each other? have you read the respective Hardware sections posting good to great results AND issues and complaints? have you searched for “xbox compatibility”?


Yeaah ! :iagree: I know there are alot of posts about this…

But I would like to have a objective answer from people for my needs.

I search myself but I am not a expert of dvd writer just want to know if I’m doing the right choice…I was thinking about buying the new Lg…

I searched for xbox compatibility, and didn’t find alot of things :frowning:


Depending on the drive your Xbox has (Mine has a Thompson for instance that reads everything except RW’s!) you may want to avoid the BenQ DW1620A. The NEC should be fine a choice for compatibility purposes or even the LG 4163B - just ask on the LG forums to see what their experiences are.


Which is the better drive for both DVD and CD burning? The LG or NEC?



I belive the NEC is better than the LG for CD burning - both in terms of speed and quality. From what I have seen so far, the NEC also has better DVD media compatibility compared to the LG.