Which drive should I replace?

I just recieved my new NEC ND3520A. :slight_smile:
I need to replace one of my drives, but not sure which would be the better choice. I have a Liteon LTD163 DVD-ROM & a NEC NR-9300A 48x CD-RW.
I plan on using the new NEC mostly for backing up movies & PS2 games, that I already own of course.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Since the 3520 gives you 48x CD burns - and the 163 would take the burden off the 3520 for rippin’/readin’ (and probably much faster)- I would suggest losing the CD burner-


suggest you test both drives by doing some backup/copy tasks. try safedisc 2 backups and creating RAW iso and/or bin images etc. then u will know which to keep.
methods @ http://www.network54.com/Forum/336827

:bow: nice tutorials G)-(osters you have been bussy :bow:

as long as you go there well-armed with adblocking apps you should fine :wink:

no sweat i use firefox :bigsmile:

For dvd burning I would loose the cd-rw and use the liteon for ripping but g)-(osters is right, if you are going to be doing much copying of copyrighted cd based content (music, software or games on cd) the cd burner might be able to read past copy protection beter. You would just have to test the drives to see in that case.