Which drive should i choose?


ASUS DRW-2014L1T LightScribe


Samsung SH-S223F

thanks inadvance

Neither, if you ask me. Do you have any other choices?

yes i found two more

lg 22x gh22 and sony 20x dru-845s

The Sony DRU-845S is a Samsung SH-S203, a great SL/DL DVD writer and an excellent CD burner. The LG is a decent performer, but I haven’t heard anything good about its CD burning capabilities.

I still wouldn’t recommend any of the newer ASUS or the 22x Samsung.

thanks :slight_smile:
i found another dive its sony nec optiarc 7200s its the cheapest among the ones i mentioned, so whats your opinion about it

It’s the cheapest but the best choice among all that you’ve mentioned. I myself would want to buy a few more of that drive even though I already have one. :wink: They’re that good. :slight_smile:

I have a good experience with Asus…

[quote=blackgold;2235643]I have a good experience with Asus…


They were good when they were Pioneer rebadges… but now… :rolleyes: