Which Drive? Lite-On SOHW-1693s / LG GSA-4167

Here’s the situation guys, I have both of the drives above sitting in front of me. Im keeping one and giving the other to my friend. Which one should I keep and why?

Im probably going to end up throwing it in a firewire/usb chasis sometime down the road so keep that in mind.

I dont care about the small speed differences with RW media. Im more concerned about accuracy and best all around drive, including which has the better buffer underrun technology (incase i use it externally).

Thanks everyone!

I too own both drives, and if pushed, I’d keep the LG (even though it doesn’t quality scan).

I’d keep the LG simply because, although with Codeguys’ firmware, the Litey is an excellent burner, the LG just has that edge over it.

Just my opinion, of course, others may differ. :wink:

Thanks Arachne,

I do have the codguys’ firmware on the liteon.

I’ve actually never used the lite-on its just been collecting dust, no real reason why other than i was going to switch out the LG and give it a try, but ive been nothing but happy with the LG so I never bothered.

I’ll probably just hang onto the LG unless anyone can give me a compelling reason to go with the Lite-On.