Which drive is this?

LiteOn LTR-32125W 32X/12X/40X CD-RW - RETAIL (CD-003-LO)

Offering all the features of it’s 24x sibling the LiteOn LTR-32123S boasts a full 32x CD Writing speed. Supporting SMART-BURN® technology to avoid buffer under runs and Running OPC (Optimum Power Control) to continually set the optimum laser power during write operation ensuring the best media reproduction possible. This is sure to find a niche among anyone who requires their discs in the shortest time possible.

In the description the description refers to 32123S is this a completely different drive???

Which will i be getting??:confused:

The 5W is a downgraded 48x drive, which in turn is a 3S with CAV and Mt. Rainier.

Get the 5W, it’s faster.

5w is the one i ordered it states 5W on the reciept so i assume im gettin that one

Thx mod