Which drive is master?

No, this is not an S&M question! The TDK tech told me that the CDRW (32X10X40) reads at 40X whereas my 52X CD ROM actually reads at half, which would be 26X. The faster drive, he said, should be master. Does anyone know if this is true?

Usually it doesn’t matter which drive is master. But if you CD-ROM malfunctions: a try can’t hurt…some drives e.g. refuse DMA on VIA chipsets if they’re slave…or some VIA chipsets refuse to run more than 3 drives in DMA mode. Maybe your CD-ROM is set to PIO, although you enabled DMA.

The one that says it is master in the Power On Self Test summary screen , which is also viewable in your bios/setup.

Also the one that sayt its master in the Hardware Properties of your windows configuration

Defenitely not the TDK tech…

Depending on your setup (I guess it’s 1 Harddisk , then the writer and the reader) , the best setup would be

IDE 0 Master : Harddisk
IDE 0 Slave : Nothing

IDE 1 Master : Writer
IDE 1 Slave : Reader

Now if both reader and harddisk are of the same UDMA level (e.g. they are both UDMA33 , you can also put the reader on IDE 0 Slave)

Master has priority over slave (not much , but a little bit)

Even better is (what I did) buying an additional controller card to have 4 or 6 channels…