Which drive is best right now?



Well I’m about to update from my Liteon LH-20A1H and am wondering which is the best drive currently? Should I go with SATA my new AM2+ mainboard I am getting has 6 SATA drives so I can easily move to SATA if so. If not it still has ATA 100 so I can just stick with the IDE if that is the case. So which drive is the best drive to get currently? If LH-20A1H is still the best I will just put the new one in my computer since I am doing an upgrade build for someone and upgrading my computer components in mine.

I tend to stick so far with LG because CodeKing usually with his improvements to the firmware makes the burner burn way better and faster than stock. But if he supports other drives with his firmware and they are considered better at the time than I have no problem with going to another brand.