Which drive is *best* out of these?



Hi, sorry for the question… I’ve been lurking for a while to get some hints but still can’t make my mind up. I just want use it to back up my video files I get from the net.

The locale where I reside has limited burners available:

a. Liteon 1633s
b. LG GSA-4160B
c. Samsung TS-H552U
d. Pioneer DVR Ao8XLA
e. TDK 1616DLN
(a, b, and c are similarly priced while d and e are an extra 35% more)

My criteria for a burner are as follows:

a. Very little coasters produced (Branded media here are VERY VERY VERY
expensive where I live)
b. Wider range of media can work with the drive

Not so important is:

a. Write speed… 10 minutes, 20 minutes… whatever

My Questions are:

  1. I’ve read a lot of good things about NEC drives. Is the TDK1616DLN a rebranded NEC? If so, which NEC model is it equivalent to? I would like to read some more reviews on this drive.

  2. I’m prepared to pay the extra 35% for the TDK if it’s really gonna be better, otherwise I’m tossing up between the Liton and Samsung. Can anyone assist me as to which they think is the best drive to purchase?



Pioneer DVR Ao8XLA, best one there if your burning on -R this drive should take most -R even the crap stuff but be warned use crap and no matter what burner you have dont expect great results and data longevity. i also suggest you check out this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=113670


Ah but the Pioneer 109 is out now which supports D/L DVD-R burning. While it’s true that the discs aren’t out yet (should see them late february/early march), it’s still a good choice.


Its out what site is selling it? I havent anything on the pioneer 109.


I believe Best Buy is even already selling the 109.


LG GSA-4163B is also a good drive which support DVD DL and DVD-RAM, read a review here


TDK drive is a nec 3500…


Unfortunately the 109 isnt in his list of what his local sellers have


The TDK and pioneer.

The LG should be ok too

Forget the others. :stuck_out_tongue:


Disregard GSA-4160B and look for GSA-4163B instead.


Out of all those drives I’d take the TDK in a heartbeat if it’s an NEC ND3500AG… I don’t know much about the LG’s but I wouldn’t discount them - the same with the Pioneer. The Lite-On and Samsung drives I wouldn’t even bother with to be quite honest…


Thanks for the responses… was about to shell for the TDK when I dug up a Benq DW1620 for 35% less $$. No prizes for guessing which one I opted for!




1620 for $55? That’s the going price for the NEC 3500A after rebate.


I’m in Asia… not America… I’m trying to think of prices in US terms for the forum, but sometimes things are not same same.