Which drive is best complement to DVR109?

Hi guys

A few weeks ago I built a brand new system, including a DVR109, and I must say I’m very happy with it…

Now I would like to add a 2nd optical drive in my system, whatever it is, CD burner, DVD burner, DVD-ROM, etc…
In fact, my only concern is to find a drive which would be a top performer where the DVR109 has a few weaknesses…
My requirements :

  • top quality audio extraction
  • top quality CD-R and CD-RW recording
  • top quality CD-R error correction
  • 90 and 99 min media support

For the rest, I don’t really care : slow / fast / very fast burner ? slow / fast / very fast DVD ripper ? reads DVDs ? burns DVDs ??

Initially I was about to buy a Plextor Premium CD-R burner… but I think it is way too expensive (more expensive around here than the DVR109 !!). My second choice now could be :

  • Plextor 5224 (not as fast as Premium 5232… but as goos as a burner ??)
  • coming Plextor PX230A ??
  • Aopen 5232/AAH PRO
  • Samsung TS-H492A
  • Any other proposal ?? Lite-on ? BENQ ?

I’d be glad to know what you think about these drives and if you have any (good or bad) experience with them ??
Last but not least : I dont’ want this 2nd optical drive to be more expensive than the DVR109…

Thanks a lot for your hep !!!

I have a Liteon SOHC-5232k combo drive to go along with my Pioneer 108, and it does the job for me. It is a great CD and DVD reader and ripper and a great CD burner. The latest model of it is SOHC-5235k.

IMO LITE ON are POS, and noisey, i had a loan of 52x32x52 writer and it coudnt even burn new 32xcdrw media, after google search i found others had same prob but only with new 32xcdrw 700MB it will work with 650MB cdrw so alter firmware didnt fix although it claimed to, i then bough what iu normally use > TEAC 52x32x52/16 and over the moon with it, funny thing is lite on tool is used to make drive region free LOL, just click it in windows not flash drive or such.

That was 1st LITE ON i had used (know many who own them though) on loan and will be the last, i’ll stick to TEAC and PIONEER.

I’m holding out for the new LG4165 that should be coming out at the end of April or begining of May. For the difference in price I don’t see why you would want an older CDRW / DVD combo anymore.

I say go for another DVD burner rather than a combo drive.

I use my old BTC 1008 to write cd’s also I’ve notives that it reads anything I put in it, Liteon couldn’t read a couple of discs I had but the BTC read them easily

Anoth prob with the cdrw/dvd combos is they wont read dvdr-/+ at 12 or 16x prob 8x, gee the pioneer 108/09 dont even read them at 16x and it can write them at this speed, which i find bad.

So on fly copying from a drive to the dvd writer not going to be ideally suited to a cdrw/dvd combo if it not read dvdr-/+ at 16x.

For The Best Value For Your $$$$$$$, Would Be Another Dvd Burner I Would Pick Nec3500,3520

What about BENQ 1620A ? Does it have good audio extraction capabilities ? Does it support 99 min media ??

Does anyone know about the Plexwriter 5224 ? If not as fast, is it as good as a burner as the Premium 5232 ??

I would say BenQ DW1640 plus LG GSA-4165B.