Which drive for DVD-writing and lightscribe?

Hi cdfreaks-users!

I’ve been struggling for a week now which DVD-writer I should buy, but I just can’t decide which one is good for my needs.

I’m searching a drive that is burning with a good quality, so read-speed/quality isn’t important to me. The drive has to be able to burn lightscribe, because I want to use it a lot for Video-DVDs (at the moment I’m labelflashing with a NEC 4551a), and I would prefer a SATA-drive.

But because of my lack in experience with lightscribe, I don’t know which media are trustworthy, so I’m coming to you to aks for advice.

My best guess at the moment is a Samsung SH-S223Q, but I wanted to know if you could tell if there are good lightscribe media (I have no preference for +R or -R) that this writer will burn good to?

To sum it up, is the S223Q a good writer or what else would you buy that has:
-good writing quality
-preferably SATA

One last question: Could I just burn slower to improve writing quality (especially on those media that aren’t that compatible) or is that a false conclusion?

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Welcome to the forum. :flower:

Did you buy your drive yet? I would have recommended the Sony/Optiarc AD-7241S.

Also, you seem to be a little confused. Did you want Labelflash or did you want Lightscribe? They are two different technologies.

Burning slower is not necessarily better. It all depends on the media.