Which drive for dvd-r?

Hi all

I have had a toshiba sd5002 running on my box for the past year and have been backing up my movies nicely until recently. I have an old dvd player that I use as a bench mark for the quality of burns, if they don’t work on this dvd player then something is wrong with my burner or media i’m using.
I prefer the dvd-r format for my burns and not really that bothered about backing up my xbox games yet (not until i fill up the hdd anyways :slight_smile:

My requirements for a new drive as follows:

  • (the most important) has the burn the highest quality dvd-r, like cdr they degrade after a few years (and me scratching it on my various drives) so producing the best burn from the out start is v.good !
  • not too bothered about dual layer, but would be nice
  • allow overburn on 99min cdr
  • not bothered by other formats

short list of considered drives:

  • pioneer 108 - tried it but the burn quality wasn’t creating dvd that worked on my dvd player unless it was at 1x speed ! So returned it whilst waiting for another

  • toshiba SDR5272 - based on the fact my old burner produced such good bunrs (heard these were also rebadged drives of another compnay, name escapes me ?)

  • nec 3500 - apparently good burns in general but not quite as good as pioneer ?

  • pioneer 107 - mature firmware and good quality burns being pioneer, but would i get same problems as 108 ?

  • sony DRU-700 - ??? no idea, but hey its sony (or maybe not if its rebadged)

help plz !!!