Which drive for Disc Quality tests?



Hi guys, Im still new to this. I got my nec3500 three days ago and i’ve been wanting to do disc quality checks on my media (PI & PO errors), but unfortunately our drive doesnt support it. My question is, what would be a cheap drive I could buy so I can administor these tests on my media? I’ve heard of people using Liteon drives and the benq1620, but what drive would you recommend that will mainly do PI/PO tests?


If you really want to spend money just to do testing, I’d take the Benq (in fact, I did) :). It is comparable to the NEC in quality (some would say better) and does all the scanning you want. The Lite-On also does scanning, but is inferior for burning. They cost about the same…
Look at the Benq forum to see how enthusiastic they are.


For those who are going to scan a lot: DW1620 and SOHW-1653S.

The only BIG reason for me to get so many Lite-On DVD writers was that CDFreaks people were posting a lot of scan images from Lite-On DVD writers and K-Probe (in addition to the fact I once worked for a Lite-On distributor.) I use my DW1620 to compare scans from DW1620 posted here. I use SOHW-1613S to compare scans from 1213S/1613S/1633S/1653S/700A/710A/etc.