Which drive for CD-R scanning?

I have a bunch of either dead (repairable) optical drives, not going to list the lite ons because I know there not good CD scanners, but the 3 that aren’t are a Norcent RW-532 (Ricoh chipset) an NEC NR-9300A (Ricoh chipset) and an Optiarc AD7170A (NEC chipset)
What I want to know is which one is best for CD-R scanning!

I have only worked with the 7170A and i can say that it’s very accurate, no idea about the other drives, but you can always try them and compare the results.

I pulled the NEC and put the Optiarc in, it’s working well for CD-R scans now! :bigsmile:


Yup - either the Optiarcs (using C0deKinks modified scanning programme) or BenQ 1620, 1640, 1650’s…

Yeah, go with an Optiarc drive with a NEC chipset such as the AD-7170, unless you can get your paws on a BenQ DW-1620/1625/1640/1650/1655 or a Plextor PX-712/716/755/760/Premium/Premium2, none of which are still in production.

The Optiarc drives will show C1 errors and C2 failures (E32), so the scans are useful, but the other drives mentioned report even more information.

For DVD scanning I wouldn’t trust the 7170 too much, since some of those drives are really random scanners.

Yeah, my 7170 isn’t a good DVD scanner at all, it’s better for CD-Rs! Where is that scanning app that was mentioned? I can’t seem to find it!