Which drive do I kick out?

I just got the NU Tech 1620 clone and will be installing it soon. But I have to kick out one of my drives. I have a OEM hitachi DVD-ROM and a TDK VeloCD 48x CD burner. I really like the burner, but I’ve heard the DVD burners in general tend to wear out quicker if you have them rip and write. Is this the case, or it really doesn’t matter which one I kick out of the compy? (And yes, I can’t fit all of them in there since i have no leftover bays). Thanks.

Also, if anyone has a forum link or weblink to getting started with one of these burners, that would be much appreciated.

both…get another dvd burner…or post which hitachi model that is…if 8x or slower and you just gotta keep one …keep the tdk

Easiest solution: Buy a Lite-On or Samsung CD-RW/Combo drive yet and let that be your dvd-reader/cd-burner. That’s how my setup is now after figuring out which dvd burner I wanted as the primary burner in my computer and I couldn’t be happier. :slight_smile:

It’s a hitachi gd-7500, which i think tops out at 12x. firmware 0005. And I’m just getting opinions that require no additional funds. the benq clone was already my big purchase.

I would leave the 48x CD-burner especially if you want to keep burning CD’s as well. You really will not find a DVD-burner that will adequately match the burning speed and quality that a standalone CD burner would give you.

Just as with any burner the more you use it for reading and writing the greater the probability that you will wear out the drive. These quality DVD burners are dirt cheap now and can be easily be replaced with a newer/faster drive for the same cost if you have to replace the drive.

A DVD burner was meant to just be used to burn DVD’s and a CD-burner to burn CD’s…so just keep that in mind.

I have a BENQ1620pro B7T9 and Lite-ON 52x CD-burner. I really don’t want a DVD-ROM by itself since I never watch a movie on a small 17" screen.

Most systems today come with a DVD/CD-burner and DVD-ROM which I really don’t like…why…The DVD/CD burner is working overtime for both media which puts extra stress on the unit and will increase the unit will die compared to stand-alone units.

hmm… is there any DVD burner that can’t burn CD? That statement seems wrong. I don’t have cd burner in two of my main systems anymore. I burn CDs with my DVD burners.

wmagnum1, are you going to burn CD’s a lot? If yes, I would keep the CD burner as second drive, otherwise I would keep the DVD-ROM for ripping in addition to the BenQ, which is not that fast for ripping.

Have to agree with zevia. Not only is the benq one of the best dvd writers quality wise, its seems to easily match the quality aspect in the cd-rs that I burn. I have burnt quite a few audio discs on my ty cd-r media and the quality is flawless. I would drop the cd burner and leave the dvd rom. Especially if the dvd rom can decrypt faster than the benq. Less wear and tear on the dvd burner the better is my eyes…

Isn’t the TDK a LiteOn rebadge? If so, might be useful for copy protection backups, if you do that sort of thing.

I think that we would have great difficulty wearing out the BenQ products, so I wouldn’t worry about using it to burn CDs thereby increasing wear.

However, that DVD rom could be a great advantage if it can rip. That is, if that sort of thing is of any interest, a two drive system is convenient like a dual tape deck.

You may also wish to investigate both drives to see which one will play a SafeDisc disc. I like to make backups of audio cds because I don’t keep originals in the car where they will be cooked. Anyway, the new safedisc technology is made to disable playback on writer drives, so that is an issue that you may wish to check out.