Which drive came with my laptop?

Well when I bought my laptop, the drive was having problems so I got it replaced and when they replaced it, they didn’t replace it with the original drive and now it’s having problems. I’m going to take it back in and ask that they give me a replacement which is the same as what came with my laptop.

It’s an HP Pavilion 8320CA.

It should be DVD/CD±RW +DL, with lightscribe. I’m not sure of the speed but I’m guessing it was 24x CD, 8x DVD. Thanks for the help.

You surely have got manuals with the Lappy, check them.

InfoTool2 free from nero

The manual is just a generic ‘HP Notebook’ manual. No specific info about my computer. Nero InfoTool only tells me what’s in my computer currently, and like I said the drive was replaced with a different one.

I was able to contact HP support though and they told me that the drive is a LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support. I didn’t know ‘LightScribe’ was the actual model, but ok. :slight_smile:

lightscribe is not a brand of ODD.

click in the drive tab on nero info tool & it should tell you the make/model no. in the drop down box

The drive I’m trying to find the info for is not in my computer right now.

Read my original post.

only the shop can help you now

I talked to support again and they told me the brand is HP.

i helped my ex get a laptop & it was a HP, the drive in it was a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T10N

it’s made by LG


notebook manufacturers slap any drive that meets the advertised features and is cheap enough into their products. That means, buy two notebooks with the same model number, and you may find a Samsung in #1 and a LG in #2, or a Liteon, a NEC or whatever…